Online Shopping Review: Olay Night Ritual Set from Lazada PH


Today, I will start doing online shopping review blogs because the online retail industry is growing at an unprecedented speed and I also find myself buying more things online. The first shop I will review is Lazada, which is one of the most popular if not the number 1 online shopping platform in the Philippines. One of my recent purchase from Lazada PH is the immensely popular Olay Night Ritual Set.

olay night ritual

Olay Miracle Boost and Olay Microsculpting Cream

I have always seen this beautiful and stunning Olay ad all over the internet and cosmetic stores but I have not tried it yet because I am not an Olay user. My mom is an Olay-user and I know that Olay products have many positive reviews so when I used up my night cream, I decided to try Olay.

lazada olay night

Olay Night Ritual with Pouch from Lazada

Because I was bombarded with this ad from facebook, I bought the Olay Night Ritual with Free Pouch from Lazada. I bought it at night and to my surprise, it was delviered to my doorstep the next morning! How amazing was that.


Olay Night Ritual Pouch


Olay Night Ritual Unboxing


Manufacturing Batch and Expiry Date

So here is the package, fresh from unboxing.  It was the same as described. I did not worry about it being faked because I bought it from LazMall itself and not just from any random seller. Some of you might worry that this might be expired soon that’s why it’s discounted, but I guess not. The expiry date of what I got is July, 2021. Surely it will be used up within 2 years.

 What I love about the purchase:

  1. From Lazada PH, the delivery was super fast.
  2. It was packaged well. The products are exactly as advertised.
  3. I love everything about the Olay miracle boost pre-essense. I felt like my skin was thanking me when I started using it. The chemicals and perfumes used in the products are not strong. You can do a research on the chemical components if you want scientific proof. But if you take my word, I already did and they are all safe.
  4. I liked the pouch. It does not look cheap and it can contain more so I also put my other cosmetic products inside.

Things to Think Twice before buying:

  1. You might think it was super discounted because it says the original price was around PhP 4,000, but the reality is, Lazada pricing is almost the same as when you buy in Watson’s. So if you are skeptical in buying online, you can just go and buy in any Watson’s store.
  2. If you still want the convenience of buying from Lazada, mind the timing! During the 11.11 Lazada sale, the price went down to almost PhP 1,800 pesos! That was around PhP 300 pesos lower than the price I paid. So you might want to wait for a super sale before buying the set. That is assuming they will not run out of stock.

May Pera sa Resibo: Earn Cash Back from SNAPCART

Earning cash backs from our purchases is not a new concept these days. However, most of these marketing schemes will require you to spend a big cumulative sum before you can actually feel your cash back. One bank for examples, offers a PhP 5,000-worth of gift coupons if and only if, you can accumulate a spending of PhP 100,000 for the next 2 months! I will DEFINITELY NOT spend 100K just to get 5K-worth of coupons.

But then, if you know where to look, you can actually get cashbacks from things you normally buy which won’t cause you to spend more. You might have seen posts about the SNAPCART app around the internet with the tag line –“may pera sa resibo”. Just as easy as taking pictures of your grocery and pharmacy receipts, can get you cash backs. There are exciting features such the SNAPTISTIC which allows you to play a roulette with the coins you accumulated. Playing will give you either more coins or cash back.

Where do the cash back come from?

Snapcart earns money by selling consumer data they collected from the users’ receipts to multinationals in the consumer goods industry. This data is of great use to Unilever, P&G, among others. From that income, they give cash backs to its users.

How much can I earn as cash back?

Your cash back value depends on the total amount of each VALID receipt you snap as per below. The maximum cash back you can get from one valid receipt amounting to PhP 2,000 or more, is PhP 30. So if you know your grocery will amount to more than 2K, you might want to request for multiple receipts of 2K each to maximize the cash backs.

The final cash back you will get will also depend on the multiplier tied up to your “level”.


What I like the most is that your level gets upgraded as you snap receipts regularly and so is your multiplier. The higher your multiplier, the higher the cashback you can get from a receipt.

Regular -1x

Bronze- 1.1x


Right now, I’m on the Silver level which means that I get 1.2x cash back per receipt.


Which receipts are valid?


How can I encash?

You need a minimum of Php 240 worth of cashback. You’ll only receive PhP 220 since the PhP 20 will serve as a transaction fee with your bank. I already tried encashing and true enough, it was credited to my bank within 7 days. I cashed out PhP 267, minus the transaction fee equals PhP 247 (highlighted red below).


Farmon: A Beginner’s Investing Experience


Thanks for visiting my page and congrats for being here. It means you are interested in investing if you haven’t done so already. I’ve been investing since 2014 ever since I started working. I’ve tried various investments since I believe in diversification or not putting all your eggs in one basket.

As for this post, I will share to you about my investing experience in farmon which is not much since I’ve just started last year. I’ve heard about it from my cousin who’s been a farmoner since 2015. She didn’t say much but gave me the site to check it out myself. I became a farmoner immediately after, which was last year around November. The 17th cycle just opened this month so I shared about farmon to my sister and officemates and without delay, they also joined . So here are the common questions I received.

1. What is farmon?

It’s a crowdfunding platform where you can fund the farms listed and in return earn profits. It means my investment will be pooled together with the investments of many others to help the farmers financially. The farms under farmon have areas ranging from 7 hectares up to 1000+. They are located in several provinces in the north – Pangasinan, La Union, Cagayan, Quirino and Isabela. The main office which is Isabela is near my hometown so of course this was a factor for me to support it. For more information, just visit their site at


What I like the most about it? Behind farmon is an entire community of investors and local farmers. Farmoners have this fb group where they can discuss issues and concerns. Join the group  at Almost all of my questions have been answered just by following this group.

2. What is the minimum amount you can invest?

It depends on your choice of crop or livestock. The lowest I’ve seen so far is PhP 1,500 which is equivalent to one (1) plot of watermelon or squash. So if you want to invest say PhP 3,000 then you’ll have to input (2) plots.

watermelon 2

3. How to join?

You just need an email address to register. Go to for all steps required.


4. What’s the risk involved?

All investments have risks involved. You may already guessed that since we’re dealing with farms, there’s a possibility of destruction from pests, typhoons, etc. According to farmon, this is how they deal with this risk.

crowdfunding shield

5. Is it safe to invest in farmon? 

Around May 2016, SEC warned the public regarding farmon as it is not registered under them. Farmon released a statement explaining that they are registered in DTI but not in SEC because they are not a “corporation.”

Sec explanation

But then two months later, on July 2016, they suddenly got registered under SEC which must have reassured the investors somehow, but this is not consistent with what they claim about not being a corporation.

SEC paper

What worries me the most is that it’s NOT registered as an investment company which is probably why they removed the ROI table of their crops and livestock on their site. There’s a possiblity that SEC may one day, revoke farmon’s accountability.

Well, I think this is a case similar to TNVS -UBer and Grab, in which regulators don’t know yet what to do with them since they are brought about by new technologies and consequently, differ a lot from traditional platforms. But I really hope that farmon will continue to deliver its promise to its investors, I being one. As long as it does have a crowdfunding shield and it remains a legally functional entity, I will continue to support it. So for those who are curious about my own investments, here they are.

17th Cycle

17th cycle

16th Cycle

16th cycle

I only have rice for the 16th cycle because most of the farms where already full when I registered. For the 17th cycle, I chose several crops from different farms, again, for diversification. The return is not guaranteed but based from actual data from previous farmoners, the return you get usually ranges from 20-30%. I’ve seen nothing below 15%. So far, aside from the slow customer service and the crashed site during cycle openings, I’ve only seen good feedbacks from other farmoners.

Kindly leave comments for any question or concern.

Sample Letter: How to Cancel Cocolife Personal Insurance Plan

Notice of Cancellation

May 15, 2017

COCOLIFE- Policy Service Department


6807 Ayala Avenue, Makati City

 Subject: Cancellation of GPA Policy


I would like to inform you of my intent to cancel my GPA Policy Number T-11-042 effective today May 15, 2017. Please send me a written confirmation within 30 days that the cancellation has been put into effect. I also request full refund of my initial payment to the policy plan amounting to Two Thousand Pesos (Php 2,000).

I wish to discontinue the policy as it does not meet my expectation. I am no longer interested with the benefits and coverage thereof.

Please consider this request as soon as possible.





If ever you see COCOLIFE agents in malls, avoid them like plague. I purchase a personal accident plan today thinking that it is a term plan to be paid for one year only but it turned out it’s payable in 10 years. I clearly asked the agent about this and I was told they will only deduct once from my credit card but when I got the time to check all the documents I signed, it turned out the plan is to be auto-renewed yearly. The agent clearly lied to me so now I am filing for a policy cancellation. Good thing, I read articles from the internet about people getting reimbursement when they cancelled within 15 days after they got plans from COCOLIFE.

Learning and Creativity: What made me remarkable to Brian Tracy’s Team

It doesn't matter where you come from. What matters is where you're going.

It doesn’t matter where you come from. What matters is where you’re going.

Be a master of change

Be a master of change

Whatever you believe with conviction becomes your reality.

Whatever you believe with conviction becomes your reality.

You are the CEO of your own company.

You are the CEO of your own company.

You are a potential genius.

You are a potential genius.

Working with Brian Tracy’s Team: How to Network with Famous and Successful People


Ever since my university graduation last April, I’ve been reading a lot of books and listening to a lot of audio-books and webinars of many successful people mostly entrepreneurs. I’ve become a fan of many famous and successful people. The first people I’ve come to learn from were Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and of course two of the closest people to my heart, Bo Sanchez and Jomar Hilario. But the one who inspired me the most and the one I’ve been listening to most of the time is Brian Tracy. The first audio-book from him which I’ve listen to is called Accelerated Learning Techniques and it has been really useful and effective for me since I’m also currently reviewing for the lincensure examination for chemical engineers in the Philippines. Moreover, his other audio-books have totally changed my mindset about many things in life. He has been studying successful people and what differentiates them from the rest longer than I’ve been living in this planet that’s why I’m listening to him whenever I’m in the MRT or whenever I’m stuck in a traffic somewhere in Manila. I’ve also started recommending him to my loved ones and to you my beloved friends who are reading this now. If there’s one thing I will share which I’ve learn from him, it is the dedication to continuous lifelong learning. It’s why I’m learning as much as I can from him and from other successful people and it’s why I’m writing this blog (because constant writing exercises the mental muscle and enhances creativity).

But well, it does not end there. Surrounding yourself with key people is one of the most important elements in the journey to success. And here, I will share to you how I got connected with Brian Tracy himself. In one of the webinars of Jomar Hilario entitled Insiders Secret Webinar, one of his students named Jones Mancilla shared how she networked with successful online marketers and got online gigs (a jargon referring to projects) from them. Well, these people must be receiving lots of emails everyday but their attention was drawn to her because she offered something they need. She started off by introducing herself and emailing them free posters. After that, she received not just “thank you” messages but gig offers! So I tried creating picture quotes as well and I actually enjoyed playing with the designs. It certainly becomes my hobby now.

Unlike Jones though, I did not have the personal email of Brian Tracy so I emailed the posters I made to the support group of his website. I also sent those posters to his facebook page. Well, to be honest, after several days of waiting in vain, I did not really think that the my message was even noticed. But one morning, after my morning prayer and devotional, I received a message from the social media director of Brian Tracy Social Media Team. I was thrilled with excitement and I immediately shared the news to the Jomar Hilario Mastery Group and thanked Jones Mancilla for sharing her experience. It totally worked.

Here is the reply:

Reply from Brian tracy

Common Beginner’s Mistakes in Content Marketing

1. Confusing content marketing with advertising

It’s a common mistake to think that talking about your products or services is “content”. Content is like an infomercial that users deemed as useful because it satisfies their specific needs. The content that will be most valuable is the kind that they are already looking for. Companies can talk about their R & D, how their industry works, or the trends they see. As long as these can be valuable to readers.

2. Not knowing your target audience

In each industry, there will always be various kinds of customers. It is equally important to know your target market so that you will know what kind of content you will provide for them. Most companies make the mistake of giving content that is self-serving and not really providing the content that their customers needed.

3. Lack of strategy

To make your content marketing sustainable, you have to define a strategy. But before that, you need to know the difference of your strategy from your tactics. The truth is most companies are doing things that they thought is strategy but are really tactics.

Read more information and more elaborated content here.